Fake means not real. In this sense, all forms of representation, all forms of narration of the Real are based on overblown mechanisms of falsity and illusion.
From the languages of art to mass communication, a representation is always only a representation, a means, a fake, nothing more.
Our fake-publishing services, in line with this interpretative approach, are a ludic exploration of the contradictions and ambiguities of the great mainstream narrations: Information, advertising, propaganda.
Actual and real satirical masks in the watered-down universe of web 2.0, the fakes available on this website are a biting and undeceived reinterpretation of reality filtered by means of communication.
The possibility that the use of such masks could create confusion and/or estrangement is purely functional to the user's creation of new and unpredictable angles of perception, and does not aim in any way towards gratuitous and defamatory provocation with regard to the represented subject.

Terms of use:

  1. The fake-publishing services offered by Les Liens Invisibles are not intended to insult the dignity of the represented subjects, or to offend them in any way;
  2. When creating a fake on "a Fake is a Fake", users are responsible for the access information to their own account and for all the published contents. In this regard, we remind users that experimenting with fake-publishing services can be entertaining, but that everybody may not appreciate their ironic nature.
  3. Les Liens Invisibles have no obligation to supervise the published contents, yet they retain the possibility of suspending the availability of the service for fakes published on their own domain (isafake.org)in case of improper use being pointed out. Any forms of abuse should be informed of at the following address: abuse@lesliensinvisibles.org.
  4. Publishing a fake does not implicate phishing: we appeal to your common sense to make sure that this method is not used to deceive users for a profit in any way. We depend on the entire community for help in suppressing all malicious use of the growing platform through the link "inform of abuse" in our Fake Bar.
  5. Considering the didactic and disseminating intent of the platform, the service is offered in the way it is presented without any actual guarantee of its functioning.
  6. Fake is a fake is issued under the Creative Commons license by-nc-sa and can be altered and redistributed in each of its single parts.